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What are Bulk Aggregates?

Bulk aggregates are granular minerals used in the construction industry. The most common aggregates are rock, soil and sand – and these can vary considerably in size and shape. The origin of aggregates can vary too – some are a byproduct or an end product of a manufacturing process, others are a raw material used in products like ready mix cement and asphalt, which are normally found in gravel pits and quarries. Other aggregates are products of recycling – like crushed concrete or type 1 MOT. store a massive range of aggregates ready to be delivered anywhere in the UK. We can deliver in bulk bags or on tipper wagons depending on the scale of your job.

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This means that we're recognised internationally as having the highest quality systems. It also means that we supply not just bulk aggregates, but skip hire, toilet hire, plant hire (need a mini-digger? Call us), asbestos removal – everything to make your life easier.

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